Our attorneys are dedicated to providing clients with superior representation and are committed to achieving the best outcomes.

With over 20 years of experience as a criminal defense attorneys, we have successfully defended and mitigated penalties against clients accused of violent offenses. We use investigators and forensic witnesses to prepare the best possible defense for our clients.

Our approach to DUI defense is systematic. At the initial interview with our client, we share our analysis and explain the law. We also counsel clients regarding available diversionary programs (ARD) that avoid otherwise mandatory minimum sentences.

Our ability to cross-examine both seasoned police witnesses and informants benefits our clients in drug crime cases. We advocate on behalf of clients in and around Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties for diversionary programs to avoid convictions and allow for the destruction of arrest records.

We provide a vigorous defense through the use of investigators and forensic witnesses. When clients acknowledge some level of culpability, we cultivate helpful mitigation evidence designed to avoid potentially harsh penalties.

We are adept at navigating the complex relationship between our juvenile client, their parents, and ourselves. We help juveniles avoid adjudications, placing them in position for a swift expungement of arrest records.

No one ever anticipates being involved in a Federal trial. These are intellectually challenging cases and ones in which we particularly enjoy protecting our client’s interests.