Using the Internet to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Pete Kratsa discusses why you should use the internet the hire a Criminal Defense Attorney—but why you shouldn’t always believe what you read online either.

The Relationship Between Attorney and Client

Chester County Criminal Defense Attorney Pete Kratsa discusses why it’s so important for Criminal Defense Clients to trust their attorney—and why that doesn’t mean telling them what they want to hear.

A Look Into My Criminal Law Practice

My practice is almost exclusively criminal defense, and as a criminal defense lawyer having done it for 20 years, what I found is that it is intellectually challenging and there is room for creativity. What I mean by that is I take a very analytical approach to the way that I handle any case, whether they’re summary offenses all the way up through felonies. Ultimately, in applying that analytical approach regardless of the type of case, I yield results for clients, and that’s very satisfying.

Why I Became A Lawyer

I became a lawyer because I couldn’t pass organic chemistry. I was supposed to be a doctor, and I remember the conversation I had with my father, who is a physician, when I told him that I was going to be a liberal arts major and that went over like a lead balloon. Ultimately, that led me to law school.

When I got out of law school, I still wasn’t certain that I wanted to be a lawyer, and by happenstance and by a great coincidence in my life, I took an interview with the Public Defender’s Office in Chester County. Twenty years later, I’m still a criminal defense lawyer, and I love it.

Problems I Solve For Clients

When someone comes in to consult with me and ultimately decide to retain me as a criminal defense lawyer, a lot of times it’s about the lowest point of their life. I don’t take that personally. It’s not because they’re meeting with me. It’s because their under very dire circumstances, and I do take that seriously. I often tell a client once you entrust me to represent you in what is a very serious case, regardless of whether it’s a misdemeanor case or a felony case, a lot of times the people I’m representing, they’re the uninitiated. They’ve never been in this situation before. I take that trust in terms of retaining me very seriously. I tell them that the case is now my burden as much as it is theirs, and I aim to obtain a favorable result.