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Pennsylvania law criminalizing driving with any amount of marijuana in your system is unconstitutional. Here’s why.

By Caroline G. Donato, Esquire- The law on marijuana is a hot topic, particularly in states like Pennsylvania which have not yet legalized recreational use. Pennsylvania is mixed in how it treats marijuana. Medicinal use is legal. Recreational use is illegal, except in Philadelphia where recreational use is decriminalized. Until a new law passed in October of 2018, convictions for possession of a small amount of marijuana carried with it a license suspension. Effective April 22, 2019, there is no longer a license suspension. Lt. Gov. John Fetterman has been on a “listening tour” of the Commonwealth to hear from constituents about...

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Why Cheating Your Kid’s Way into College is a Federal Offense

By Peter Kratsa, Esquire- As you may have heard, “Operation Varsity Blues” snared upwards of 33 affluent parents as alleged participants in a massive (as in $25 million) cheating enterprise designed to “guarantee” their children’s entrance into their college of choice. The feds even snared Aunt Becky from Full House… The mastermind of this endeavor, Rick Singer, who has already plead guilty and has obviously been cooperating with law enforcement, marketed two schemes to wealthy families in order to guarantee their children’s entrance into multiple highly selective universities, according to the Indictment.[1] He called these schemes “side doors” as opposed to the front...

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DUI: What Most People Don’t Know (But Should)

By Caroline G. Donato- An arrest for DUI is often frustrating. The frustration doesn’t always stem from a feeling of “getting caught” or culpability, but rather, many clients are frustrated because they don’t believe the arrest was fair. A classic example: imagine going out to dinner with your spouse and friends. You have one or two 6 oz. glasses of wine over the course of a 1.5-hour dinner and stop drinking before dessert arrives. By the time you get in your car, you feel fine. It was a late dinner, so you’re tired but other than that, you do not feel...

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